Reality Money Makers Launched

on Friday, September 25, 2009

Hi, today is Sep 26, 09 as I start my Blog of making money online. Its been a few months I came up with the idea of making money online excouraged by my friend and visited hundreds of websites and found nothing which was real. All I found were scams, and I left this idea of earning money online disheartedly.

Few days ago I was surfing through the internet and accidently went to a form where i read comments about PTC sites which pay in real. I searched many PTC sites but most of them looked scams to me so I started looking for sites which had forms so users would show their payment proofs. Well, luckly I found few sites and I joined them.

These sites pay in real, in my next post I will provide the websites and I will also attach all payments proofs I recieve from them. But in the beginning I am thinking of investing the money I earn back to rent referrals and purchase golden memberships at different sites. Please join all the sites and put mecoolstranger as your referral.


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