What are PTC sites - Detailed study

on Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Of all ways to make money online, perhaps the easiest way to do so without having to spend any money is using paid to click sites (or ptc/ptr) sites. Paid to Click sites are essentially ad networking sites geared almost exclusively for 2 kinds of people: advertisers looking to spread word about their sites or services as well as people looking to make extra cash by clicking on the advertisements.

palmbux is one of many different paid to click sites out there that you can join and make easy money simply by viewing advertisements from other webmasters.

palmbux is one of many different paid to click sites out there that you can join and make easy money simply by viewing advertisements from other webmasters.

You are welcome join in on the action at many websites HERE (sign up is free by the way, with upgrade options for more features, such as rental referrals, free credits if you plan to advertise as well as other goodies).

How Paid to click sites work

Paid to click sites are aimed at two kinds of people: advertisers looking to “bribe” people to visiting their website (similar to how traffic exchanges work where you can view other peoples’ sites in exchange for them visiting yours) and people looking to make relatively easy cash simply by viewing ads as well as taking advantage of paid to sign up offers (where you can earn money by signing up for free trials and other special offers). In a nutshell, here is summary of how paid to click sites work:

for users in a typical day:

- you sign up (most sites are free to join, with upgraded membership options for more features)

- spend time visiting websites and advertisements. They usually don’t pay much (typically $.01 per ad), but if you click on these sites often earnings can add up after a while.

- At sites with paid to sign up programs, if there are free trials, discounted memberships, etc that interest you, you are welcome to take advantage of them for more money.

- At most PTC sites, you can actually refer new members and earn money either 1) whenever they click on advertisements too (you get a percentage off of what they earn), 2) if any of them get upgraded memberships (the only downside to this is that most people will only get a free member at first, so you will probably want to try and offer them to get incentives to get a paid membership instead if you want them to upgrade, either that or refer lots of people and hopefully sooner or later some of them will upgrade), or 3) if any of them buy advertising credits (anyone could purchase advertising if they wish, and can be handy if you are looking for easy hits and referrals to the ptc sites you use).

- Ideally, you should do this once every day if possible for maximum earnings potienital (slackers will usually not earn much with these systems and could lose their ptc accounts if they are inactive too long).

For advertisers:

- you purchase advertising credits (where one credit = 1 page view). Many sites have bargain packages where you can get say 1000 credits for say $10.

- get people to visit your sites. The more hits you get the better as you get more potiential leads and customers that way.

- Some PTC sites have guaranteed sign up offers where you can “bribe” people to become a lead or sign up. I did this at Global Domains International at clicksia. Of course, you will want to come up with terms on how you credit people on the offer (such as registering for a free trial, getting x number of clicks at a ptc site you are advetising, etc before crediting their account), since there are posers who will pretend to sign up but never actually become a qualified lead or customer (been there done that).

- There are ways to improve your conversion rate, such as using splash pages, advertising sites that people will want to visit, as well as installing live chat on their site.


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